Hand Cut Lettering

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hand cut lettering ruairi dennison

Letter cutting & carving work…

We believe hand-carved lettering will always have life, energy, and versatility. Every letter cutter should be both master craftsman and an artist, hand cut letterforms are judged by eye, not by computers or machine. Ruairi prides himself in forming part of the narrative of this timeless tradition.

This timeless art begins with dialogue between letter cutter and client. When layout and stylistic form are finalised a drawing is produced followed by hand sketching letters carefully onto the chosen stone.

We then proceed to mallet and chisel, meticulously and patiently cutting each letter, there is no margin for error. The varying width and depth and angle of both V-cut and relief lettering allows for the play of light on stone, the shadows created on the final inscription have an expressive power that are unparalleled.

This skill ensures that the design of the letterforms, their spacing, rhythm and variation are perfectly legible for hundreds of years to come. Their sculptural forms give the chosen words weight and meaning.

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